OCULAR LUNA MEDIA -- To the Moon and Back, With Love From the files of: SSR - STARstream Research   spacetime threat assessment reports   To the Moon and Back, With Love by STARstream Research founder Gary S. Bekkum Government consultant Ingo Swann's tale of covert extraterrestrial activity on the moon takes on a new twist, now that the CIA STAR GATE documents support many of his claims. This is the bizarre true tale of Ingo Swann's psychic work for the U.S Government, at various agencies including the CIA and the DIA (now substantiated by the CIA release of roughly two thirds of the existing STAR GATE documents) and his personal allegations of a mysterious black operation that first contacted him during the peak of CIA sponsored testing at the Stanford Research Institute. If Ingo Swann is to be believed, and this coming from a man with top secret clearance that in his day briefed and trained officers from the USAF, the Defense Intelligence Agency, INSCOM, and many others too n


Gary S Bekkum Futurist, independent rogue Jedi Journalist, author and researcher of real-life material that blurs the distinction between fiction and reality. (SSR2020) -- Imagine this: your neighbor in the apartment next door is an extraterrestrial alien being from another star. Ever since the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke admonished that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic  ... The futurists among us have fantasized about the possibility of visitors from “somewhere, out there” covertly interacting with the human race. And there are tales -- told by seemingly credible individuals -- of experiences with an unknown intelligence manifesting apparent superpowers. Among the strangest of those tales are stories of odd humans acting and interacting in strange ways. Before he died, defense consultant Ingo Swann told the story of an encounter with a human-like being in a Los Angeles supermarket. It seems insane that the woman in Swann’s tale was really an extrate